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Media Fragment Specification

Media Fragments

Media Fragments URI is a W3C Recommendation that specifies the syntax for constructing media fragment URIs and that explains how to handle them when used over the HTTP protocol. Media fragments are regarded along different dimensions such as temporal, spatial and tracks. A temporal fragment can also be marked with a name and then addressed through a URI using that name (this is the id dimension). The specified addressing schemes apply mainly to audio and video resources - the spatial fragment addressing may also be used on images. The syntax is based on the specification of particular name-value pairs that can be used in URI fragment and URI query requests to restrict a media resource to a certain fragment.

The aim of this specification is to enhance the Web infrastructure for supporting the addressing and retrieval of subparts of time-based Web resources, as well as the automated processing of such subparts for reuse. Example uses are the sharing of such fragment URIs with friends via email, the automated creation of such fragment URIs in a search engine interface, or the annotation of media fragments with RDF.

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