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Media Fragment Rights

Fragment RightsMedia Mixer rights management for fragments addresses current barriers to the exploitation of media fragments due to the lack of unambiguous, automatable and interoperable ways to represent and manage rights. This is already needed to make rights management scale to a web of media, but it is even more critical when dealing with fragments.

Furthermore, fragments enable a potentially enormous re-use market so rights management must able to deal with issues beyond media access control. The objective is to provide means to manage copyright through the whole value chain, from creators to consumers without missing re-users, producers, distributors or any other participant.

Rights management for fragments is based on a rich, semantic model for the expression of content rights and licensing terms over media assets in terms of their fragments, to underpin the media discovery and usage negotiation process and complement the final acceptance of (legally binding) license agreements.

Media Mixer will provide best practices and guidelines around rights management for the maximal possible automation of functionalities for rights negotiation. Based on an explicit and interoperable semantic representation for the communication of rights, Media Mixer facilitates assessing the reusability of a given media asset fragment and eases bringing content onto this flourishing market. For instance, by interoperating with DDEX, ODRL or MPEG-21 rights data.

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