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Media Fragment Management

Media asset management (MAM) addresses the coordination of tasks that manage operations over media lifecycles, such as ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, preservation, discovery, access control, retrieval and distribution of digital video assets. MediaMixer plans to promote the adaptation of existing media asset management systems to handle media fragments by building a reference system that extends an existing open source media asset repository.

MediaMixer envisages that aspects of MAM are enhanced and adapted to address specific concerns for management of media, creating a consistent digital content object environment capable of handling the fine level of granularity required by the media fragments specification. MediaMixer envisages management of media fragments so that robust, persistent identifiers are maintained to meet needs around both HTTP URIs for web connectivity, as well as industry identifiers. Metadata for web resources addressable by HTTP URIs are an integral part of the semantic web machinery, and MediaMixer envisages that semantic metadata for media fragments are an integral part of robust media asset management, future-proofing media assets for the web.

At the same time, industry identifiers are an integral part of industry schemes under development that address future rights trading and compliance requirements. MediaMixer envisages that media fragment management can create actionable policies with asset management systems that utilise semantic rights metadata, enabling deployment of ontologies such as the Copyright Ontology. This would assist automation of access control and compliance checking, and help simplify communication of terms of use to end users.


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