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Media Fragment Description

Fragment DescriptionSemantic media fragment descriptions permit the connection of self-contained media fragments to the concepts (things, people, locations, events...) they are perceived as representing.

Semantic technology is a means to describe media in a way which can be understood and processed by machines. Concepts can be unambiguously identified by URIs using Linked Data principles. Ontologies – which define permitted terms and how they relate to one another – are the basis for machine reasoning and automatic derivation of new knowledge about the media (e.g. a fragment which shows Angela Merkel is also showing the German Chancellor)

Semantic descriptions of the media can be derived from existing metadata generated in the media production process and augmented by tools provided within the media creation phase. The former case is handled by definitions of mappings from legacy metadata formats to the media fragment description format, and the latter is handled by Media Fragment Creation tools.

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