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MediaMixer promotes semantic multimedia fragment technologies which can be used by enterprises to fragment their media assets, annotate those fragments and use these annotations for more flexible media retrieval and re-use in new contexts.

Media repositories typically expose stored media assets as atomic (complete) items with limited metadata to users within closed systems (like the company intranet). while there is a growing potential for media re-use (both within and outside of the company), both tangible (e.g. resale of media fragments, lowered in-house media production costs) and intangible (e.g. increased use of media in marketing material or that the re-use of media in user generated remixes help the enterprise become more visible and strengthen its brand).

Medua consumers are often interested only in salient parts of media which address their content need (e.g. one scene or shot out of a longer video). Media mixing is the process by which self-contained parts of media (fragments) are identified and exposed via media repository interfaces, so that consumers can access and re-use only the parts they are interested in. We believe this will help drive a new, online Content Fragment Market with benefits for both the media providers and consumers. 

Media Mixing requires the application of new, innovative technologies for the creation, repurposing and reuse of media fragments across borders on the Web which are integrated into media systems and workflows:




A typical MediaMixer application will involve the fragmentation of the media assets (in terms of determining appropriate spatial and temporal fragment boundaries), the description of each fragment (using a mix of automated and human annotation), and exposing those descriptions to customers (for fragment level search and selection). Depending on the use case, rights information may be attached to fragments to control and manage the appropriate access to and re-purposing of fragments (alone and in combination).

MediaMixer Technology Framework

Client side media fragment systems may enable linear playout of multiple fragments as a single media presentation, so that audiovisual content may be composed into a new resource, or interactive non-linear browsing across fragments, so that media remixes are created.

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