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All use cases and demonstrators created using MediaMixer technologies are described and linked to from here. See the 'Benefits of MediaMixer' section for domain specific case studies for how MediaMixer technology has benefitted different media stakeholders (distributors, creators, owners).

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Title Author(s) Technology Domain Type
Copyright Management of User Generated Content Roberto García Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Rights Use case
EuropeanaConnect Media Annotation prototype Austrian Institute of Technology et al. Description Demonstrator
NERD Viewer EURECOM Description Demonstrator
Re-use of Video Materials in the Newsroom Rolf Fricke (Condat) Re-use Use case
Rights Integration and Intelligence (RII Use Case) Roberto García (Universitat de Lleida) et al. Rights Use case
TV Metadata Generator EURECOM Description Demonstrator
Video demo of object re-detection LinkedTV resarch project Creation Demonstrator
Video Demo: SmartSearch for Newsroom Editors Rolf Fricke (Condat) et al. Re-use Demonstrator
Video Demo: Use Case - User Generated Content Copyright Management Roberto García, Rosa Maria Gil, David Castellá (Universitat de Lleida) Management, Rights Demonstrator
VideoLecturesMashup - Remixing Lecture Videos for Topical e-learning Across Video Repositories Tanja Zdolšek, Ana Fabjan (JSI), Lyndon Nixon (STI) Re-use Use case
VideoLecturesMashup - your topical channel of learning video Tanja Zdolšek, Ana Fabjan (JSI), Lyndon Nixon (STI) Re-use Use case
Webinar: Describing Media Assets – media fragment specification and description Raphaël Troncy (EURECOM) Specification Webinar
Webinar: Fragmenting your Media Assets meaningfully – media analysis for fragment detection and extraction Vasileios Mezaris (CERTH) Creation Webinar
Webinar: Re-use as a Benefit: a use case in the newsroom Rolf Fricke (Condat) Re-use Webinar
Webinar: Semantic Management of your Media Fragments Rights Roberto García (Universitat de Lleida) Rights Webinar
Webinar: VideoLecturesMashup Tanja Zdolšek (JSI) Management Webinar
Webinar: What is MediaMixing? – making media more valuable for its owner and more useful for its consumer Lyndon Nixon (MODUL University) Management, Description, Rights, Specification, Creation, Re-use Webinar