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Media Owners

Media owners recognize the potential future value of a more open approach to access to the media assets, including permission to re-use or re-mix in new contexts. However, they are wary where they foresee loss of control over their assets online, and potential damage from undesired and prohibited forms of re-use or re-mixing. New innovative approaches to digital media licensing are needed where licenses can be expressed in a rich enough form to cover specific permissions and prohibitions, and then can be assessed by computer systems at the time of re-use or re-mixing in order to flag potential disputes.

Use Case


The MediaMixer project promotes the adoption of semantic technologies to support organisations in enhancing their media contents to create greater value and extending reach across customers,consumers and the media value chain. These technologies enable the fragmentation of media items into distinct fragments, their semantic annotation and copyright management to facilitate re-purposing and re-selling.

This use case focuses on what MediaMixer promotes to facilitate copyright management through a particular scenario, User Generated Content (UGC) copyright management. UGC is content created by users and shared through platforms like YouTube. Usually, it is the mix of content really generated by the user, like a wedding recording, combined with content owned by others, for instance the couple’s favourite song by Adele.

To preserve rights holders rights on copyrighted pieces of content used without permission, UGC platforms provide content identification services so owners can register their content and be warned when it is reused. Though the first reaction might be to just block content reusing copyrighted media without authorisation, UGC platforms have generated a new revenue stream by sharing part of the advertisement revenue generated by content views if it is kept in the platform.

This is becoming an important revenue stream for owners of hits in UGC. However, this requires a big mind change in media management. To foster media remixing and viral reuse of content, content owners should move away from content protection measures like DRM that might prevent their content from being remixed. They should, however, focus on technological measures that facilitate reuse while tracking it and then managing copyright, not just at the end-user level but through the whole value chain of mixes and remixes.

The MediaMixer semantic technologies for copyright management are based on copyright law and thus provide the modelling tools to capture copyright statements from sources ranging from digital operations to talent contracts. Moreover, thanks to the reasoning features these technologies provide, these semantic models can be then used to support intelligent decision support at the scale of a media repository and its associated copyright statements.

For instance, as illustrated in the scenario detailed in the sections and also demoed using MediaMixer technologies, it is possible to help deciding the reaction to detecting that a song by Green Day, whose rights an organisation is managing, is being reused in YouTube. Should it be monetized and streamed together with advertisements or simply blocked?

With MediaMixer technologies it is possible to go beyond just choosing to monetize based on the limited information available at the digital operations stage. The objective is to avoid the legal troubles that might arise from ignoring, at that particular decision point, the fact that the talent contract with Green Day states “we do not want our creations mixed with war images”.

See the Use Case White Paper



Demo for the MediaMixer European project showing how semantic technologies facilitate copyright management in the context of User Generated Content.


Demo Video of User Generated Content Copyright Management

Demonstrator Site for User Generated Content Copyright Management



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