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Media Distributors

A media distributor has the right to transmit media content over the Internet to consumers. As the market for media consumption and acquisition (both B2B and B2C) grows, MediaMixer can help media distributors find and provide relevant media snippets to consumers on demand, enhancing their offer and driving new business opportunities.

Use Case

Our use case partner VideoLectures.NET hosts more than 16.000 video lectures from prominent universities and conferences mainly from natural and technical sciences. Most lectures are 1 to 1.5h long linked with slides and enriched with metadata and additional textual contents. Videolectures.NET is being visited by more than 15.000 unique visitors from all over the world daily, which provides a very efficient distribution and dissemination channel.

Visitors typically have limited time to find and watch the materials they want and the topics they search for may be orthogonal to the materials themselves (be the subject of different parts of multiple learning resources rather than the subject of a specific complete learning resource). Visitors would benefit from easier and quicker access to those different parts in the form of a single, integrated presentation of learning materials.

For this, VideoLectures.NET needed to move from atomic descriptions of complete video lectures – powering a search that only found matches on terms in lecture titles and descriptions – to Media Fragment Descriptions of their material, so that user search could discover distinct fragments of different lectures which share the same topic.

Use Case Description: "VideoLecturesMashup"



The VideoLecturesMashup is a dedicated channel on the VideoLectures.NET portal, which is capable of accepting a specific learning topic as input and produces as a result a mash up of fragments of learning materials from the site addressing that topic.

Demo Video of VideoLecturesMashup
Demonstration Site of VideoLecturesMashup


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